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precint 9, putrajaya

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am now sitting on the floor, blogging via celcom broadband in my mum's flat.. yes, i am in putrajaya now.. visiting her.. arrived yesterday around 9pm.. yada yada yada arrived at mum's crib around 11smtg.. then i went straight to bed! huhu

this morning, we (me, mum n sis) went to alamanda n spent the whole day there.. bought some essentials and just window shopping... tho ada juakla yang nyangkut dalam trolley ya.. haha

i also bought a book today.. after being influenced and persuaded by my sis.. i have heard of it and its movie, but i never had the urge to follow the trend whatsoever... nknowing that i was going to take a big step in my relationship (hopefully this October), she dragged me to mph and we went out with this..

this is the Bahasa Melayu edition.. so i wont
be fenin2 wit the language lah.. hahaha.. she was told by someone that this is a good book to read when u are ready to settle down.. to know if it is true, then i am gonna have to finish it! hehe

i gonna read it soon though.. not tonight.. i m YMing beh... hehe

oh, before i doze off.. two things i wanna share~~

this girl eeriely reminds me of the biatch.. the way she brings herself and the snobbish aura she brought along.. as i quote Joanie ' Even sitting next to her i can smell b*itch'..

i caught this fella trying to charge his phone while waiting for his bus to get home.. hehe i myself was also waiting for my bus to take me to ka-cHing..