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i sHopped till i dRopped... and ran out of cash.. huhu

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i'm home!!!

finally.. after spending 5 nite in my mum's room, i finally get to sleep on my own bed! besh besh...

still tired frm all the journey and all but catching a glimpse at beh's face at the airport melted all my exhaustions... huhu

carrying a 'magic bag' on my left shoulder and 'eclispe' paperbag on the other, i ran towards beh just like a romantic scene where the two lovers finally meet.. slow-mo and all... when i finally hugged beh, the starbucks barista laughed at me.. i must've looked quite funny... hehe

all those bags shocked beh... hehe.. what i bought? hehe adalah.... lak lah ngeso ctok.. belom masanya.. all and all i think we spent around 1.5 or 2k.. hehe ... asak bah... really wanna say it here but the time will come.. huhu

i really shd be sleeping rite now.. beh is bringing me to Bt Dokblas tomorrow to meet his mum... nabes eh.. hope everything is well... hehe

thanks for picking me up sayang... rindu dear tauk sik~~~ hehe mwah!