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this are the pix taken while me n wie while celebrating her birthday that weekend..

this pic was taken while waiting for her dinner. back at the hotel, i decided to freshen up before bed.. what do you know.. i am already below 5feet. can u imagine an actual grown adult being in this towel?

the next day, we deciced we should head on for some retail therapy.. so

i bought these both = the gladiator and the roxy flipflops.. i lov them both! i bought a lot more though~~ (refer to previous post) ...
shopping makes the tummy growl, so we had some pizza for lunch

next agenda~~ ronda2...

later that nite, we had a proper dinner of course...

my sis actually ate till her spoon bent! which was so hilarious..

muka2 kekenyangan...

haha.. thats all for now.. lak lah