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Counting Days

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yeah.. counting days to go home! yippie! its Tuesday today! tomorrow is Wednesday, then its Thursday aaaaannnddddd Friday! hahaha *macam pa jak tulis hari dalam seminggu.. hehe*

can't wait to be home! *ulang lagik?* right now i can only think about going home! which reminds me... i should be buying my ticket home before the price changes again tomorrow! hehe..

i have officially stopped my 20day weight loss challenge, coz its the time of the month.. timbang macam mana pun memang takkan turunnya.. hehe so, i am officially 45.3kg now.. hopefully boleh sambung lepas habis nanti~~~~ hehe

btw, i need to find a new tailor for my akad attire.. Beh doesn't want to risk using that tailor.. huhu.. malas betulllllll nak fikir pasal benda nih... haih..

anyways, 3 days more to go! balik kampung! yay!.. ah! need to stop.. nak surf dulu~~ daaaaa~~

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