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Cold Feet

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yesterday, i had my first glimpse of COLD FEET.. some would say it a pre wedding jitters or just getting a nerve.. hehe

i was just lazying around the idiot box when i suddenly realized that i am going to become someone's wife in a couple more weeks! no more merajuk, no more telling your dad stuff, no more girls night out (till late, ofcourse), waking up late.. etc etc etc

then it hit me.. am i really ready for this? for all the wedded bliss chaos? hmm.. takut!

owhh~~~ ready kah?

mebbe its because all the weird happenings around me now. my sister is having problems and i feel like socking the guy that made her cry :(. being away from beh and home contributed it too.. plus with all the plannings and tickers and clocks that seems to tick even faster everyday! huhu..

i am better today :) alhamdulillah.. but this inspires me to google all that i can about cold feet syndromes..

to what extent of jitters or problem that you should think about holding the wedding?
  • partner is using (drugs and alcohol) and not recovering
  • violence
  • unfaithful or deceitful
  • feeling dread rather than happines for over a month about Wday ever since engagement
  • childbearing dilemma
  • most your your friends doesnt approve of him
  • going thru with the wedding because you are afraid of hurting him
if it is just the planning, then both should take things easy. try dividing the works to other members of the family, or friends. try taking some time off together and reminisce about the moment the day you guys fell in love, or why you decided to be married at the first place. :)

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