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The Secret! Shhh...

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takde la secret sangat sebenarnya. actually hari ni nak membebel pasal GEMUK! hehe..

almost all of the Bride - to - Be's blog that i hopped on has either directly or indirectly touch in this issue.. hmm tak kisah la nak lose weight ke, gain weight ke.. tp memang mesti ade la.. hehehe

for those end of year brides, harap you guys successfully achieve your dream weight, yer.. jangan ikut macam saya who has WWAAAYYYYY more weight to lose in less than 2 months! huhu.. sadis betol..

ok, this is what I usually have everyday.. starting this month la.. diet gila2 nih.. hahaha

breakfast @ 6 am << memang awal gila.. hahaha
1. 300ml plain water
2. oats or cornflake with LFmilk

tea @ 9.30am
1. 500ml green tea
2. 2 ketul cucur or crackers
3. sometimes a small bowl of porridge

lunch @ 1pm
1. 1 small bowl of rice
2. 2 large portion of vege (2 types of sayur, usually)
3. 1 portion of meat (ayam, ikan, daging)
4. 400ml of steaming green tea right after lunch :)

snacks : biscuits and fruits :)

i don't usually take dinner because i am constantly snacking with the fruits :p and as i always make sure that i always drink up to 5ml of plain water :P.

that's about it, i think.. how about you guys? any secrets to share on losing the extra flab? :) do share, k? :)

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