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Not in the Mood

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Today's chore

  1. anta kain to tailor << ke laut sbb tailor balik kg! ah! 
  2. last day dating with Fiance << hampeh!
  3. beli album for duit hantaran << jangan tanya! 
  4. pegi MNG << huh! 
conclusion : apahal hari ni cepat sangat? -.-

right now i am busy cleaning up the house for our open house tomorrow and another PTA meeting tonight! His parents are coming for the final details and hantar duit belanja dapur!  ooh! it's catching up already! ngaaaaaaaa

p/s: i might have to return to KaChing somewhere in October (most probably after PMR) to meet my tailor.. huhu

♥ ♥ ♥