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Another Meaningful Syawal

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Last Syawal, his family came with a ring. This time, they come with another mission. That is sending the Duit Hantaran! hohoho...

Arriving around 8.30pm, his parents *dressed in Brown* came smartly with one Dulang in their hands. Also coming was his uncle and aunt.. hehe
On our side was my parents *dressed in Green- earth tones plak both family.. hehe* accompanied by my Pak Uda and Pak Su, bearing as witneses.. heh heh..

After served with Soya *healthier drinks for us, this year.. hehe* the cut down to the business..

the dads revising Watikah

udak proofreading the Watikah, while usu counting the $$.. hehehe

itong usu, itong.....

makan time! Briyani satu!

 pelok duit kuat2... hahaha

dah dah dah.. hehe

♥ ♥ ♥