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The cm really Does Matters! haih

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went for a session with the mak *ke pak? hmm* andam on Sunday. and am glad to say most of the theme, color, dress and pelamin has been confirmed.. well, atleast on Beh's side.. hehe.. mine will have to be reviewed by Mom who's coming home this weekend! yay!

we also had a fitting session, testing out the attire for Majlis Bertandang.. MIL who came with us approved of the dress *Alhamdulillah* but it seems that Beh didn't like what he saw! and he only told me yesterday! haha

apparently he's been trying to tell me from the moment we both put it on, but I wasn't aware of his distasted of it! haha! sorry sayang, will be more alert next time.. so his baju is ok, mine will have to find a new pair.. hehe

ok, so in the dress we both looked ok, *considering that it was still baggy and unfitted* but one thing was REALLY OBVIOUS this time!


huwaaaaa... even when i put on a 2 1/2 inch stiletto, i am still ridiculously tiny! huwaaaa... MIL look concerned and quickly suggested that we find a really good eels for me to wear that day. Of course the bridal doesn't carry a size 5 stiletto *why?!* so now my shopping list will have another add-ons which is a copper or gold pumps.. hehehe

so, these are what i THINK i will need to search for... hehe
grrrrr! me likey!

gorgeous gold!

looked kinda similar to my hantaran last time.. hehe

every girl dreams to wear a Louboutin~~ haih

worst comes to worst! wear crocs lah! hehe

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Sha Pattinson says
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 8:33:00 AM GMT+8

this shoes are gorgoues ..i'm sure u can find this ..saya suda jatuh chenta dengan yang gold tu ..huhuu

princess.dHani says
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 8:39:00 AM GMT+8

yeaaah!! cantik kan? Guess ada rasanya kot.. huhu... today's my trip to KL! yay! hehe