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The last one?

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had fun reading the experiences of new brides on their first ramadhan as a wife and a DIL :) it had actually made me realize that this is *InshaAllah* my last ramadhan as a single Girl! a first and only time as a fiancee :) hehe.. who could have thought that my last ramadhan was my last as a truly single girl with her bF.. hehe

didn't get the chance to buka puasa with Beh yesterday, but its okay.. still have 29 more days to go! hehe but we did get to go to Bazaar together for some food hunting. drooling at all the foods sold, Beh turned to me and said,
"Next year tak payah masak la masa puasa.. lets just buy all the foods :p"

Haha! Kantoi me tak pandai masak.. hehe

Sayang, lak b blaja masak kari, briyani, kurma n Bubo Pedas k dear ah? Mwah! hehe

*He's actually a better cook than me! I lov his nasi lemak! nyum!*

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