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Kebaya and such

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its a lovely day today.. so i decided to bloghop all day.. and i can be lost in cyberspace for hours! even forgetting when to eat..

everyday, i have a different 'theme' of blog to read. today's theme was wedding dress (again) or baju kurung for akad nikah.. hehe

although i wanted a dress for my sanding, i figured i should wear a baju kurung or kebaya for akad nikah... so, here goes me..

these are Prestige by Inar wedding collection. its the Indonesian wedding dress that we always see in their sinetrons. with the laces and batik sarongs.. the details are so beautiful!

pink with laces! me likey! the batik thingy~~not so sure though..

Green, lace and frills.. Ok, but i think its gonna be a bit heavy..

Lovely light blue! Not really a fan of the sleeves tho.. Macam saloma jak.. hehe

Nice.. Very sweet and innocent looking.. Especially wit the bow detail :)

Nice.. But too much detail i think.. I guess this will be extra itchy than the others! hehe

Just a few more options for me.. still have more time to decide.. hehe.. who knows, i might opt for a simple baju kurung instead :)

♥ ♥ ♥