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berat saya? jeng jeng jeng

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hey there today *good mood nampak ;p*

so today i just want to update the result of my 3 day Detox diet here.. Before that, I just want to share my experience. I started the detox diet on Friday, April 17. The day started great, and i felt a bit lighter. And to avoid from being hungry or snacking unnecessary food, I drank H2O a lot! Too much *maybe* that I went to the loo every 5 minute I think. hehe

On the 2nd day, I was a bit groggy waking up and kinda cheated during tea break on 10 am. I forgot to bring my bekal from home and had to eat the things that they prepared for the teachers at Teacher's Lounge which is BiHun Sup! hehe.. I ate just to keep my self from hungry.. as soon as i came home, i drank steaming green tea to flush down the weirdness in my throat.. hehe.. by nite, i was getting crankier but i i persuaded my self thattt this is only for 3 day. one day to go..

day three was tough. I almost fell to temptation ( cause i cooked Ayam Masak Merah and Stir Fried Cabbage for Bella). I ended eating just the vegetables. Hehe.. at night, it was soy milk, water and Green Tea kept me through the night..

and this morning, I weight my self and I had a smile on my face! hehe.. lets go to the results, shall we?

Starting weight (17 April): 48.3kg
Day One (18 April): 47.6kg (-0.7kg)
Day Two (19 April): 47.3kg (-0.3kg)
Day Three (20 April): 46.9 kg (-0.4kg)
Total : 1.4kg loss!

so my official weight this morning when i weigh in was 46.9kgs! Yay! Now, I am very motivated to keep it down and hopefully I can be 45kg by June! My anniversary and Beh's birthday!

Lets be healthy and lose weight together! Yay!

♥ ♥ ♥