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HairDo or HairDon't?

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Woke up early today... Dad yelled at the tv to a story that a GSTT was upset that she wasnt posted due to the reason of her pregnancy.. Hurm.. In one way, i understand the lady's frustation of not getting posted, which resulted no money and of course no job..

But in another context, the PPD and NUTP were right.. Her pregnant will only cause chaos at the school.. Mena la, br nk start new semester, dah confinement.. Knk cari pengganti gk, the student br nk selesa ngan cgu br tpaksa face new teacher yang confirmnya sandaran n dun have the slightest idea of a proper p & p.. Blom gk dengan segala KoQ, SBT etc, etc...

Fuh! Denga takrg cekgu ngerepak ya! Haha! Anywho, she should have been more careful being pregnant.. I mean, ms kat maktab dah lect warning, dun get pregnant during training.. Its gonna cause a lot of trouble with the strenous activities during training.. And serious sh*t memang energy drenching gila ms teacher training.. Haha

Uiks, back to my story.. After breakfast around 9, i head out to Citylink for my babysis's parcel... I then went to SESCO with the hope of settling sis Alin's bills, p rami gila umat! Kensel! Next agenda, haircut!

I went to Matang area, coz its closer to home but apparently Matang people gk gago GongXi.. Haha! So i head to Supermall yang kompom sikkan tutup n get it done there! Still pc less tok, so will update malam lak, sis Anne is coming home.. Yay! So, later alligator!

p/s: my hairdresser told me I didn't look like a 27year old! :)) Younger la~~~
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