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Oreo Cheese Cake?!

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So I just returned from an outing wit beh.. We didn't met yesterday (rasa setahun sik jumpa.. Haha!) so we decided to meet up today.. he came early to my crib, so dad invited him for lunch! since him last seeing beh during kenduri at his house, dad sure had a lot to talk about wit beh.. later in his car, beh even mentioned that dadi call himself 'bapak' to beh.. Aiyaya.. macam bulak jak.. hehe

anyway, we went out, ronda2 to the sunyek kuching ( p the sPring bukak aih! haha), and we decided (my tummy that is) to stop and have tea(!) at Chicago 7.. I love the chunky fries.. Spoilt my diet, but who cares! I only had these when I am in KacHing! hehe.. then we head home as the weather is gloomy and our plan for photo session just went kaput wit the drops of rain.. huhu

so beh sent me home to my sis's crib in matang, only that we were greeted by her famous Cheese Cake! yay! i never thought that my wish would come true! I mean i didn't think that she would read my blog.. huhu..

beh had a taste too and he love them! hehe. i'll post the pics later.. sekda Bluetooth benda tok eh.. ermm.. dahlah.. ya jak asanya..

later.. and sis, thanks for the Oreo Cheese Cake! :)
home made ya! nyum nyum!

♥ ♥ ♥