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hari ini saya ngando... kepak dowh... ahaha...

yesterday is very hectic for me... bgn pg2 pegi pengilan kat Perumahan
cemya duhal upa pengilan rah dewan.. sik kalak bah.. the only dewan i've been to for a pengilan is rah Civic Centre.. hehe

back from there, spent the day at my sis's crib.. layan Melodi.. da Terjah Maya Darina.. so curiosity kill the cat bout this person.. hehe

around 4.30pm, beh arrived... we went ronda2.. ngedate gitu.. hehe
we headed to OneTJ, KaChing new IT one stop center.. or LowYatt of KaChing.. hehe... its newly opened so only a few shops jak ada...

then it hits me...


huhu.. rite now i am using MOM's VAIO yes, my mom owns a vaio, canggeh sik?

i tis lappie; its compact n ringan n smaller than my handbag n rega ribu riban n i cant affort it *sigh~*

so, since tomorrow is PayDay, i will drag Beh to the PC store n buy me a new laptop!
duit dikpun lah ngek.. sik main lah duit makpakboiprenlakitunang or SCHOLARSHIP!! sik saba sik saba~~

pa gik? been really rajin bloghopping lately.. so mun ada new comments on your blog ya paham2 jak k? dah lah... nak pulang umah gik tok..

later alligator