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today went well..

i didnt drop anything, said the right things n kinda help around the house a bit~~ i think i made a good impression..


when i arrived there around 7pm, rupanya Amy, tunang dedek, my FBIL pun ada.. so it was kinda a family affair.. we (me and amy) were officially introduced to MakLap n PakWie (Beh's grandparents) and his Ibuk (his mom's SIL)..

what surprises me the most is that MakLap n Ibuk remembered me from my visit in KaBoang a few years back.. i think it was Dec05.. bak kata beh,
masa ya kamek duak maha gik singleMingle bah~~

to cut the story short; dah tok.. we had a great dinner together.. though all of this is still new to me, i hope i can be accepted into the family well kelak.. i hope we can be as happy as his parents and his grandparents are one day.. Amiiinn~~~