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i dun really have anything particular to blog about.. i just felt like blogging..

as from today. it will be about 7days (after! haha) till yours truly is back in ka-cHing.. beh had complained (and so was i) about me being away for too long.. uuhh.. if only u guys can see how much i really wants to be home...

i am officially seriously HOMESICK... yeah2.. i know i've mentioned it a few hundred times, but this time its getting worst! having no one in the house to engage in a decent conversation, i am now starting to talk to

nope, its not the color, its a C.A.T..

its not really her name, but beh suggested it and it kinda grew on me.. hehe

everyday, she would greet me as i came home from school... as i finished my lunch, she would wait patiently at the door as she knew that this lady is sure to give her lunch leftovers.. hehe..

so far, we've shared a few good lunches and the best thing is she never complained everytime i tell her anything taboo or simply a dirty little secret that i jest found out before.. but seriously, i need civilization!!