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July round up~~

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I’ve been guilty of neglecting my blog this month.. Yep.. I had tones of work and a lot has happen since the last time I blogged..

My housemate had to went away to pursue her studies so I was stuck with 56 (read FIFTY-SIX!) kids to teach for the time being before her replacement is found.. The result: I am suffering wit a devilish sore throat that beh complained he felt as if he was talking to a guy! Yes, its THAT bad! Hehe

Being alone on the house has made me an expert in eating and cooking for one.. hehe

Hurm.. what else.. oh yeah, my sis turned 24 last weekend and we celebrated in Sibu, just us girls.. well, eisz did offered to be our chauffeur, huhu..

Being a gud sis she is, she brought goodies from home! Yay! Sis aleen also send me some sbux cookies.. nyumm.. they really spoilt me.. huhu..

So 2 days in Sibu we really had fun.. shopping, eating and everything.. hehe went home half heartedly to qp with extra luggage of course..

1 (or so )more weeks till my next holiday which means 10 day plus more days till I am home! Yay! But I made plans of going to KL with baby sis for some retail therapy quality time with mom whom I last saw in april.. yeah, im excited to go there.. I wish I can bring beh along.. to help with the shopping bag of course! Haha!

Till then…. miss u beh