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itit d pustaka menjadi saksi~

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tomorrow is D day.. the one i've been anticipating for the whole month!

its me and beh's 3rd anniversary!

who would hv guessed that we would last up to 3 years? its my longest relationship ever.. let me rephrase that.. its my first serious relationship ever.. he's my 1st grown up bf and i lov him to bits! yes.. i hv tons of crushes and puppy lov! hehe

we met when we both attended a jobless a.k.a hopeless graduate trainee scheme held by one of the colleges in kuching. there, we became fwens *wink*, hung out, goof around and fell in lov without even realising it. that was 3 years ago and now i believe that our relationship has been stronger than ever!

sure there were ups and downs.. but then, life's like that...

we went to the spot when we 1st officially dated today, it hasn't change that much.. err.. except for ducks.. i didnt realize it at first; then i just remembered.. so sweet of him to surprise me like that..

happy anniversary babe.. b lov dear gilak2! byk2! koat2! deras2! lets just hope the Plan can be executed earlier or simply just the way we planned it.. Amin~~ InsyaAllah

why cant it just say 3 years?

speaking of the Plan, this song kept playing in my head when he 1st mentioned 'it' to me

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