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of Dinners and Birthdays

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had our dinner (anni cum beh's bday bash) last nite at mango tree.. we actually planned to celebrate it at oregano.. but then at the last moment, i had an urge to eat something with more flavour.. eheh..

so Mango Tree it is..

it had a nice atmosphere.. not too rigid but romantic enuff for me.. we were already starving so we ordered straight away and it came quite fast..

all in all we had the greatest day, except for the part where i accidently chew on a chili padi.. - Text Generator

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so not cool! huhu

despite for all the drama, i highly recommend it for anyone who's craving for the perfect tom yum.. yum2...

happy anniversary beh.. and happy bday sayang...

a year older, a year wiser and a year full of lov and happine$$ ahead to both of us.. mwah! InsyaAllah