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Bitten! Think PINK!

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Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of pink stuff has surfaced back into my life. For anyone who knew me, I’m usually the tough chick who listens to Greenday during study period at school, years ago; I was also the one who cringes to anything associated to boy bands or anything subjected to flower or floral thingy. It has never occur to me that I was gonna own PINK STUFFS! Yes boys and girls, I am now officially bitten (GASPS!) by the pink bug!

Chomp chomp!

I guess I started looking out to pink stuff around 2 years ago, when I graduated from uni. I resolved to start wearing more colors (other than black, blue or grey). Maybe coz maturity caught up with me or age has made me mellower; but I had since started tolerating to RnB and even hip hop... the musical, not the ngerepakking one; i.e. Eminem, fiddy, etc…

Ok, lets start.. The extremely obvious PINK stuff that I remember owning is my laptop sleeve which I bought (thanks to the advice given by my pink-crazed baby sis) in Low Yatt Plaza around June last year.

Then, I began noticing the little things; my Vincci wallet, flip – flop (which I left in KL, duh), beh’s baju raya and mine too, and my cable case and the pencil case that sits next to me rite now! Sheesh... banyak juak duhal...


Something happened during the 3rd quarter of last year which made me resent PINK like hell; as Eun – Chan’s mom would say, I quote;

“Everything PINK is the devil from hell!”

Haha! But, as the New Year comes, I said to myself ‘dem you sundaLLeLLa! Die sundeLLina Die! I dun giv a damn nemore!’

Having MY OWN money and NOT needing anyone else’s permission to spend it really made me a happier woman! Yes, WOMAN!

I now proudly own a tumbler from starbucks®,

my foundation, moisturizer and powder (in pearly pink cases) are from The Face Shop [which I think is man’s greatest inventions!], one of those fluffy-thingy pens that beh gave me for my birthday, and last but not least I own a w375 Motorola flip phone.

Before anyone trashes me for buying the phone; she’s a bimbo. I mean, the phone la... she has all the looks and does nothing good in life (like someone I knew); which is the only reason I bought it. She’s cheap and good for making and receiving phone calls... I needed a cheapo and bimboic phone and I’m not ashamed to admit that I bought if for under RM300... cheap eh... ada cam, Bluetooth and radio oit... haha... ok lah ya... hehe

There’s more.. toiletries bag, batt – op toothbrush, another wallet, etc etc etc.. Cant think straight rite now.. the image of gampang mambang PINK suddenly flashes in my head *puking~~*..

owh yeah, I also got a pencil case for my teacher’s day gift.. Life’s so su-weeet..

I’m gonna add more stuff to my collection though I bet I wouldn’t be able to beat my sis’ pink stuff... hehe. So, game on sis!

P/s: I now declare that I am no longer pink-phobic nor am I a pink freak... haha!