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upclose and personal

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yesterday i had the opportunity to meet up wit the nation's very own space-flight passenger astronaut dr. sheikh himself in flesh and blood.

i wasn't really looking forward to his visit to Ka-Ching, as i went there simply to get an authograph book (written by his late bro) for my sis..

surprisingly, he came quite early than i expected for someone as famous as he is. so, yada yada yada, he gave a little speech then, the session started..

i first waited patiently behind the line when suddenly some idiotgentlemen starts ramming their children behind me.. ah! stupid cow!

being tiny *ahem* and all he actually made me went up there even faster! haha! i shook his hand *wangi!* gave my best smile and converse wit him. the supposedly bodyguard were giving me cold looks as i stood their quite long to help this girl take her pix wit him..

as for beh, he was supposed to be taking my pix wit sheikh as i was up there; but alas he was nowhere to be found! ok, the truth was i lost sight of him.. yikes..

i went down feeling a bit down, coz i didnt get to have my pix taken wit him..

on the drive home, tired and exhausted from standing in the crowd, i heard beh humming slowly to the radio.. as i glance at him, i thought to my self, 'hey, i actually have my own hero beside me..'

that made my day even better.. :)

my best pix wit him.. *SIGH~~