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Do's and Don't in Jeans

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I am a classic Jeans and Tee kind of Girl. Yes, you can really count the number of decent top and pants that i have. Jeans in the mean time, i have loads :)

There are lots of cuts and brands to chose from.. Straight, Bootcut, Boyfriends, Cutoff and etc etc etc.. Here are some of the basic rules in buying a perfect pair of jeans.

1. DO invest in a pair of DARK denims
They're always slimming, versatile and will never be out of style. They can either be paired with a blazer and pumps for that formal look, or simply a pair of stilettos for the perfect girls night out.

2. DON'T be a 'muffin'
As delicious as a muffin can be, you must at all cost AVOID getting a muffin top! a muffin top is when you are spilling out of your jeans! so, always consult with someone that you trust before grabbing the wrong size of jeans, k?

3. DO try washed denims
Occasionally, washed (used looking) denims can very sexy if you can find the perfect one for you. Hey, you don't wanna wear black everyday, right?

4. DON'T show your Undies!
NEVER ever ever EVER show your G-String at ANY time!

5. DO try jeggings.
Jegging or Jeans Leggings is a solution for us mere mortals who would love to wear a skinny jeans but never found the perfect one! Hell yeah!

6. DO keep it simple
As tempting as it is to wear a ripped denim ala Nicole Richie, bear in mind that less is more! An i-survived-a-bike-crash jeans is seriously one fashion crime!

7. DO chose the right length
A jeans that is too short or too long isn't a pretty sight. Besides, stained leg pants is really unhygienic!

8. DO pick the right cut for your body type.
  • Boot-cut jeans with a slight flare below the knees flatters most women.
  • Straight legs are more flattering (than boot cut) for the petite gal (shorter than 5'4").
  • Skinny jeans look best when teamed with a long top or tunic.

  • Stay away from super low-waist jeans if you have a long torso or short legs
  • Throw away the "Mom jeans"!!! they makes the hips, stomach and butt look larger than life!!!!