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Blackberry Torch! Simply Orgasmic! :p

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Most or you guys know that i am a proud owner of an iPhone 3gs; while hubby is a BB user. As happy as we are with our phone choices, sometimes, we just caught ourself 'borrowing' each others' phone :0

Hubster lov the fact that the 3gs has a large screen so that he can Google-d away anything at anytime, but i lov that BB offers the BBM and also the physical qwerty pad.

Sure, touch screens are way cooler but there are those moments where you wish that your fingers aren't sloppy or slippery enough to write as fast as you could like a physical qwerty pad would!

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 how ever easy it is to type on, has a tiny screen that one make that me has to squint or sometime just give up all together! haha.. This frankly is one of the reason why i didn't buy a Blackberry at the first place :)

But hey, there's a new solution for us now! Introducing the new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800!

all together now, drool!

This is the PERFECT solution for anyone who loves a full 3.2 inch touch screen and also a full qwerty keyboard in ONE PHONE!

Wait! There's more! It also has a 5 MP camera (boo Curve and 3gs!) , 8 GB memory expandable with a micro SD card, integrated social feeds (hello Facebook and Twitter!) , and of course the famous push email and instant messaging capabilities. Fuh!

And the best part is, Celcon is offering this phone and the CRAZY deals at the Celcom Blackberry Torch launch event on 29 October! There were loads of giveaways, freebies and fun activities went down!

But, if you're like me who is outside the Peninsular Malaysia, you can still get the Celcom Blackberry Torch & enjoy affordable prices plus the widest coverage with Celcom, Malaysia’s No. 1 Blackberry community – in any Blue Cube outlet nationwide – from 3 November 2010 onwards! Check out these affordable packages from Celcom:

The coolest thing is, as i work in Kapit, the Celcom connection here is Fantastic! I can surf freely with a 3G speed and surely, this will come very handy for a long distance relationship couple like me and Hubby! I don't have to buy a separate modem, i can always tether using BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800!

What cha waiting for guys! Go get one now! I think i'll go bug hubby till he wants one too! *wink*