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I am back... beeyatch

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Its been a while since i last blogged. A lot has happen since then and tis some of the reason on my absence..

went and fell in with Bali *we're coming baaaaaaaack*

transfer denied *tsk... T_T

got a cat! say Hello to Chichi ! *thanks kak Adek*

moved into a new quarters

I think it all started when we "had to" abandon our phone and internet connection while abroad. *roaming is the devil!* and we found out that we could live without TV, papers, the internet and most shocking of all - our phone! *gasp now!*

When we returned from Bali, we even "accidentally" left our phone at home while taking a stroll to the mall.. hehe.. so.. I guess that's the only reason why I was sooo quiet all this while..

Raya was so and so. Not that i am not excited of celebrating it as a wifey for the 1st time, but because my Raya Leave was thrown out rejected by HM.. so we spend them on the road instead :(

And owh, NO official RAYA PHOTO this year! Too busy on the road and also coz i have balloon up. Nope, not pregnant yet - ttc though. Hubster had banned me to be on a diet coz it would be bad for my body... So, I've been a bit carefree about eating :p

i think i need to stop rambling now. So much to say but better save em for later posts :) Thanks s0 much for those who has been returning to A Princess Diaries even when i wasn't updating them.. Thanks ♥ and welcome!