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2 years Ago.....

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today, 2 years ago.... i was finally betrothed to the lov of my life or should i say my 1st Boyfriend :) It was a simple but sweet ceremony but i still treasure it to this moment.

Alhamdulillah, my engagement ring still fits :p but dunno if it will if i ever got pregnant nanti.. mesti swollen jari jemariku... -_-"

Anyways, i choose to catch my beauty sleep than watch missed the grand wedding of year last nite. But i heard it was awesome. Of course with a lot of flaws. Which ceremony hasn't right?

I also heard a fuss about Dr Halina's so called 'astronaut dress' which she chose as her cake cutting ceremony. Ok, this one I would have to side her. It was her wedding and if she chose to wear a clown suit for it, ITS STILL HER DA*N DECISION. She must have seen and agreed to worn them before the actual day. Even when some said that pity of her for having to agree to SMS request to wear them, have you guys forgotten that marriage is about GIVE and TAKE?

Anyways, congrats to the newly weds. BOTH are so gorgeous that nite and its really nice to see a couple having fun on their ceremony, even when its such a big rave and no no to the attendees. Hey, marriage isn't about the receiption. Its a LOOOONNNGGGG way to go from that!


photos by : Gua