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What Your Make Up Says About You

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As much as we love to say that "Beauty Lies in the eyes of the Beholder", we have to admit that first impressions does count! In this case, its our Make Up!..

There's a lot of different style and trends. But these are the few and most popular make up trends that we have. Lets check em out!

1. Red Lips
Women who paints their lips red are sexy, sensual and uber-confident ladies. They are more likely to have a better job prospects, as they are very confident and in control of their descision. As in their choice of this bright palette!
How to rock them: Red lips are best worn with natural or nude eyes and cheek. Extra coat of mascara adds the sexiness in the look.

2. Pink Lips
A slick of soft pink lips indicates happiness and a fantastic love life.
How to rock them: Remember to choose a pink lip gloss that’s not too far away from your natural lip color—and intensify your eyes.

3. Bright Eyeshadow
A bright peepers usually shouts a flamboyant and carefree personality.
How to rock them: Balance the more intense hues on your eyes with soft pink blush and lipstick.

4. Smokey Eyes
A gal with smokey eyes just exude a sense of mystery and tons of sexiness within her.
How to rock them: Loads of eyeliner and mascara, people!

5. Barely There aka Fresh and Dewy
A women who is a makeup minimalist is usually a self-confident and very comfortable in her own skin. She is very religious when it comes to skincare -- her glowing complexion speaks for itself!
How to rock them: Prep your skin by exfoliating with a gentle scrub and then apply your moisturizer. Skip the foundation -- instead use a concealer only to cover your blemishes.