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Day 2 | Die! Die!

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You must have wondered why i haven't updated my blog for about two days now!
I am actually a broken hearted lady now... My netbook has gone haywire! T_T
The infamous battle of Apple and PC now has ended! And my netbook has died as a casualty of war!!! Huhu...
I was updating my iPhone before going to bed on Sunday. When its all done, i shut the netbook down, pull the plug out and went straight to bed..
The next day, in an attempt to update my blog and pay my monthly expenses, i realize that it was taking a lot longer than usual to start up! Panicked, call up Hubster and BabySis, only to be told that she's corrupted! Huhu...
I maybe good at computers and stuff, butI am practically a retard when it comes to softwares and hardwares and formating... Huwaaaa.. Right now i am actually updating via my phone! Alhamdulillah it hasn't turn its back on me... Huhu
Thank God that its only 2 days away till the school holiday! Atleast i have Hubster's laptop at home! That's all i guess... Till then.....

P/s: Thank God I have a computer genius as my Hubster! Yay! Safe bajet bali aku... Hehehehe


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Cath J says
Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 2:53:00 PM GMT+8

was smiling reading this.. I almost lost the whole program of my lappy...

I was in the kitchen just few minutes and my boy clicking what ever he see on the sreen...when I came..saw all this deleting files icon on the screen... luckily i was fast enough to cancel them...