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Weddings! times TWO!

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Today is a very hectic day. Both my BIL is having their bersanding day today. Which means, MIL is welcoming 2 new DIL into the family! As the eldest DIL, ofcourse i had my fair share of chores. Making sure all carpets and doorgifts are ready, handing out Bunga Pahar to guests and making sure that the Newlyweds arrive on time! hehe

Right after the majlis, me and Hubster went off for an outdoor shoot with the younger couple. Yes, you guessed it. Hubster is the OP and of course, yours truly is the flash holder pose director :p

Right now, we're safely home where we should be starting on our packing for tomorrow's trip, but Hubster is really bugging me with his snores, coz i wanna doze off too~! huhu.. i better stop.. :) can't wait for my Honeymoon tomorrow! *wink* ♥

p/s: chopped my hair off for the trip! Super lov it!