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Glasses for Wedding

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I've been wearing glasses since I was 6.. yes, you read it right, SIX years old So for me, wearing my glasses is like breathing. Its the first thing i grab after waking up. then, its my phone :)

So, when we finally set our wedding date, my first thought was "Glasses or Lens?" You see, during my engagement, i was practically blind because i didn't put on my lenses before my make up.. so i only realized who i "salam" with up close! hehe

As i said earlier, after setting the date, i went to an optometrist for an opinion. Because i had astigmatism, i would have to order special lenses.. huhu... Anyway, i chose to wear lenses on my day, and i didn't regret my choices :)

But, for bride to be's who is still weighing whether to wear their glasses or lenses, here are some advices for you :)

  1. If you think you can tolerate wearing the lenses for your ceremony and picture taking, wear them. But, if you aren't comfortable after a few hours, switch to your glasses immediately. A glasses-wearing bride is certainly better than a red, itchy teary eyed bride, right?
  2. Always opt for a mult-icoated lenses. This way, the flashes won't create glare on your glasses.
  3. Try to find a frame that compliments your bridal wear. Not all bride can pull the indie - wayfarer-like frame. One without a frame or something that is thin and discreet might a better option :)
  4. Be confident! If you think you are gorgeous, everybody else will think of the same!

p/s: what ever it is, he is still marrying you! glasses or not :)

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