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owh... kena tinggal Hubster lagi today... he's currently busy being a wedding photographer at Lundu.. yesterday was their akad, today its sanding of course.. came back late last night as he was also busy taking pics of an Engagement ceremony... i actually fell asleep while waiting for him to come home.. huh..

this morning, he left as early as 6.30am as it was an hour journey to Lundu from Ka-cHing... i only managed to prepare his drinks and heated some buns for his journey.. kissing my cheek, forehead and lips before leaving the house, i know he's asking for understanding as he has obligations this weekends, and it was for us too.. the money of course.. huhu..

sikhal lah sayang.. you just go and do what you do best sayang.. tonight ta g Movie k? mwah! :)

owh, i actually have to get ready now.. am going to BIL's future SIL's wedding at Sourabaya.. get it? heh heh.. lu pike lah sendiri.. haha