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Alice and Pregnancy

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Finally got to watch Alice in Wonderland today! in 3D of course! hehe.. i had the bestest day ever! Thanks so much Hubster.. I had a wonderful date today :)

Early on, we woke up late today. Qada' our sleep for the weekend.. heh.. after huhaing all morning, we finally decided to go to the Immigration office for our passport application. Luck wasn't on our side as they ran out of numbers, so we decided to have lunch at tHe spring instead :)..

After purchasing AIW3d movie tix for that nite, i drag Hubster to MPH.. looking around, i Finally found the book that I've searching for all week.

Reading Anil's entry made me realize something. I am still not sure whether I am ready to be a Mommy or not :) so it was a great Idea to read something like this :)

it is a different edition from Anil's as mine's the fourth edition, but it is still a good read. I'd recommend it to everyone.. brides, bride to be's, mom to be, or just every woman (and man) who wishes to have a family..

as for JoHnny Depp, you just made my day Mate! Really made my day :)

p/s: watching 3D movie with your glasses on is a VERY bad idea.. stick to your lenses k? :)