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Passport oh Passport

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after our false alarm on Monday, we arrived as early as 7.45am at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar only to find a big sign plastered in its enterance

Every new Passport application must include an original and duplicate MyKad and Birth Certificate.

i was thinking "Crap! I left my birth cert at QP because of my interview!" that really got me in a bad mood but Beh told me just to try my luck, mana lah tau boleh apply, kan?

when it got to our turn, the Imig officer cleared me *YAY!* for application so we waited for our turn. Yada yada Yada.. when i get to my turn, the Imig asks if i ever lost my ID, i said yes, so she told me to get an extract of my original Birth Cert at JPN which is luckily at the next building. Off i went.

At the JPN, i was told that processing an extract request will take about 2hrs! Gila! mentang2 aku lahir on 1982, lame la masa dia nak amik.. huhu.. by noon, Beh's already done with his passport *jeles* and i was still waiting for my extract! huhu.. we decided to have lunch instead. haih...

By 1.15, we went back to JPN and after about another Half hour waiting, I got a Brand New BIRTH CERT! Why would you ask? the info in my current BC was wrong, so they decided to give me a new one! huhu..

By 2.30, i Finally got the receipt for my International Passport which i can collect tomorrow, after.. But we wont be taking them tomorrow, Hubster's working tomorrow.. huhu.

We then rushed to KIA to send mom off to PutraJaya, then we went jalan2 somemore before heading home around 8pm..

Hubster's taking a bath now. Wanna watch Coffee Prince with him on my lappy later :) bes! Till then :)

P/s: Morale of the story : Always bring your BIRTH CERTIFICATE for application of Passport! I learned it the hard way.. Haih...