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of Holidays and such..

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its a Monday today, which means only 4 days left till i meet my Prince! wee... am taking a flight back this time, so its gonna be a great journey home~! :)

finished my packing last week *semangat gila* and this time, i'm bringing home the many books and files that i have here in qp.. actually, i have started moving my stuff back to KaChing bit by bit now.. Just incase i got transferred in June *Amiiiinn* then its gonna be just a few things left for me to pack and carry home! :)

anyway, my Housemate is 3months pregnant now, and she brought home her baby's first scan... she told me that seeing it moves and stretches in her belly made her cries on the spot! huhu... it must be wonderful having labour of lov in our belly like that... me? ask me in a couple of months k? :)

i need to finish our itinerary for our Honeymoon in June! coz honestly, i suck at making one! hahaha... and owh, last nite Hubster texted me, saying that his colleague gonna bring some gray kains for him to look at.. wah, my Hubster sangat thoughtful! hehe.. thanks Sayang..

owh, wanna watch Sinderella now.. I wish i can be as petite as Amani.. bes je tengok Bront ngan Fahrin lambung2 dia.. hahaha