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Me and my ♥ we've got issue! La la la...

Had a heart to heart conversation with one of my besties the other day.. as we both are slightly *iyolah slightly* weight conscious, our convo turned into a weight loss debate..

she then told me that a few of our married friends (F & D) who was once hotties and babes at school has now jumped into a heavier boat.. and suddenly, F was saying how ugly she looked when she was hot and skinny.. we both ignored her statement, as we remembered how proud she was of flaunting her petite and skinny self back then.. we then both made a conclusion... DENIAL.. heh heh

but then, i told my Bestie, i am too a married lady now, i could be one of them too! heavier and a bit sloppy.. huhu

she then, gave me a great advice which i think, i should embed in my head from now on...

we must keep up our body and health conscious way even after marriage, because we've done so great after all these years.. :)

now, i pledge to continue eating and living healthily, as i am now :)... i also wanna be healthy for 'that'~ :)