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Couch Potato-ing

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its a weekend! and as usual i would spend the weekends here in QP watching the idiot box till i fall asleep! heh heh..

anyway, just finished TV3's Dalil Cinta.. a great and very mind opening story... its a bout a young couple who was eager to get married, only to find out that love alone won't fill up the tummy or clean out the house! hehe.. the Hubby was so understanding *or stupid* to be following his wife's bratty and childish way of waking up late and not doing the house chores..

when her MIL came for a spot check, she even had the nerve to talk back to the poor lady! The hubby? just Yelled nicely ofcourse.. haha... anyway, that was when he finally had enough of his young wife's wild and carefree ways, he stepped his foot down by acting up too! he started hanging out with his friends and bringing ladies to his home *which is really his aunt!*

so, the young wife finally realize that she should really change for the sake of their marriage and relation and who better to teach her than her MIL of course.. hehe

ok, i LOV this drama... in a way, it reminded of me and hubster... i am a mediocre cook but i am lucky that he's willing to teach me a bit or two about how he would like his meal suppose to taste.. hehe..

dearest sayang, i will do better, k? hehe... Lov!

p/s: i miss piggy-back riding on him! hehe


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Fuchsia says
Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 8:20:00 AM GMT+8

eh kebetulan plak. i'm just complaining about the story in my blog. ahaks

princess.dHani says
Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 4:56:00 PM GMT+8

haha... cerita ni sangat menusuk kalbu! hahaha