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of Hubster, escapades and Valentine's Day

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am writing this as I watch my Hubster sleeping next to me.. Its my last day today :( leaving my heavenly home and Hubster tomorrow for work... Haih... i hate this part..

Why can't i just stay? Huhuhu

BTW, we finally had our date last night... We had dinner at SugarBun *wtf* and then proceed to watch Valentine's Day... Yay! I Finally got to watch this movie! hehehe...

Not that I've been waiting for it, but its been a while since Hubster agreed to watch a romantic Comedy... hehe... I especially love how Bradley Cooper is so sweet to army Trouper Julia Robert... Their story was so interesting :)

Of course, I envied the prettiness *is there such a word?* of Jenn Garner, Jess Biel and Emma Robert.. Yes, Emma Robert.. She has grown up so well.. Oh, Taylor Swift made a really good job, because seriously, she did made me feel annoyed with her character... hahaha

I wish i can be that pretty... haih...

Anyway, since today is my last day here is Ka-Ching, maybe we'll do something fun.. I dunno what, but we'll see.. After he has waken up ofcourse... hehe..

Maybe we'll go get the that haircut that we've been procrastinating the whole week! heheh...

Gonna miss you dearest Hubster.. Will be back on Friday Night! *that's Thursday on the 25th, around 11pm :)* for another great weekend! :)

Till then...