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Bye... See you again next week! :)

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Had Fun yesterday! Followed Beh for a photo session at Old Courts House where there were these bunch of teens *a few adults gak* skateboarding and inline skating... teringat zaman start2 dating.. heh heh.. the difference was, i wasn't ogling at those Handsome skaters there.. instead, i concentrate of watching my Hubster.. which was FAR more satisfying.. heh heh...

i love seeing him at work! huhu... reminds me of why i have fallen in Lov with him.. heh heh..

Right after, we went jalan2 at waterfront with a few of his friends.. Borak2 sampai Maghrib.. serious tak sedar jam.. huhu..

Later at night, we ronda2 some more since it was gonna by last day in town.. huhu... but then, I'll be home again on thursday! hehehe

Bye... for now...

Jangan Marah haaaaaaa... ^_____^