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  1. don't really have anything to blog about. just wanna rant about a few things... hehe
  2. CNY cuti seminggu! yippie! Hubster helped to buy my plane tix.. yay! thanks
  3. my birthday is only 2 weeks away! Yay to pressies! Nay to old age and wrinkles! huhuhu
  4. Esok tak keje! yippie! ada kursus so bley la bangun lambat sket! huhuhu
  5. jeles tengok the skinny Kimora dolu2.... lepas deliver memang mengejut ke GEMok? huhuh takot~~~
  6. i think my housemate is PREGNANT! congrats! *we were married on the same day! hehe* Me takda rezeki lagi kot.. hehe
  7. not that homesick as much.. but now its more to Hubster-sick.. hehe
  8. Nak transfer! nak transfer! nak transfer!
  9. Addicted to rambutan! huhuhu
  10. Dah turun sekilo to 48kgs dah.. hahaha.. gemok gila lepas kawen nie.. huhuhu.. 6 - 7 more kgs to go! chaiyok! chaiyok!