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Penat, ok?!

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Had a very busy day today.... i had to run around town to find Sports shirts for my kids a new printer for PreSchool.. oh, did i mentioned that i'm in Ka-Ching right now? heh heh... i wanted to use the plane, the tix is so darn Expensive! instead, i only booked for my flight home to Sbw only... huhu

Hubster's having a Photog Workshop today, so i had to do all the looking and shopping alone! :( luckily, babySis is home, i dragged her along instead! haha

my day started around 9 and i only found those shirt around 3! and that is after spending most of the day driving around town, looking for the right wholesale shops that can provide me with 57! jersey... Banyak gila, ok!

Beh finished around 6 and we continued to Wisma Seberkas for the Dot Matrix Printer... that bloody Neanderthal printer cost me about 400bucks! and it only prints in B & W! cheh!

arrived home at 8.00 only to find us wanting to go to bed early... i find myself dozing happily in Hubster's arms... i wish i can do it more often :"(