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My 30 - 2 wishlist

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in approximately 6 days, yours truly will be turning the big 30 - 2 = 28 years young! :)

alhamdulillah, being 27 has been the best age i've been.. i got engaged and married at both age! |eh, jap... i got engaged when i was 26, got married by the age of 27| 2 years later than what i have planned when i was a 12 year old - hormone- ridden girl.. hahaha

but then, i was way more mature now than when i was in my 25 :) Alhamdulillah...

anyway, here's my wish list for this year...

1. Transfer back to Ka-cHing *priority = Very High* hehe...
i hope i can spend my next birthday at home, with dearest Hubster... huhu

2. Pale Pink silk headband....

Mahu mahu mahu sangat... found one that day, tp kotor sangat la plak... mahu mahu mahu

3. Wayfarers

mahu bergaya pegi pantai nanti... hahaha

4. Long skirt

sudah tua... mahu start pakai feminin skirt lah.. hehehe

5. Luggage Bag.. preferably PINK!

nak g jalan2 gak... lagipun senang nak detect kat conveyor belt tu nanti... hehehe... tp Hubster nak tak tolong bawakkan? huhu

6. scarves
doa2 kan lah :).. *Iza memang cantik!*

7. cute twin babies

nak jadi macam angelina Jolie! hahaha

takyah sebok2 snap guna hp or Beh's d300 lagi! hehehe

p/s: ada orang nak kasik tak? hehe....

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