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sick :( uhuk..

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woke up late today.. around 9-ish am.. my whole body is aching right now. dad even offered to buy Briyani lunch for us as i can't lift a finger to cook for him :( *tapi dapat pulak blogging? hehe*

Feeling a bit better after lunch though, managed to clear all my old files and notes from uni from my room. i even found the lov notes and scribbles that me and beh used to do during our courting days! hehe..

i can't believe am marrying the quiet boy that i used to taunt all the time during INSEP and even try to match up with one of the girls in the class! hehe..

Didn't find old pics of us, though.. i bet we would have look sooo much skinnier than today.. hehe

mom will be arriving tonight from PutraJaya.. Yay! so will be my Bunga Pahar n Doorgifts.. hehe.. Will be picking up my cards and Baju tomorrow instead.. am seriously to tired and sick to go out of the house.. huhu..

till then~~

♥ ♥ ♥