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Monday Monday Monday

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as it was a busy yesterday, i only had the chance to try out my wedding dress.. zipping up slowly, my heart was thumping.. what if i didn't fit them? huhu

but, as the fall on my body, Alhamdulillah they fit! hehe. it was only slightky hollow on my tummy and waist area. but then. i think its nothing that my mak andam couldn't fix! hehe

around noon, me and mom went out to pasar to find a place to book the curtain in the room. they can finish it by Thursday, yay! but then, tau2 je la harga dia charge kalau dah buat last2 minute ni.. huhu...

after a late lunch with mom, we proceed to sending some of the invitations to mom's colleague. my cards is all bundle up in my bag, so don't be surprise to find me walking around town with my extra large LV tote! hehehe

oh, wanna go to cuzzie's place kejap lagi.. he wanna see Beh to talk about the akad nikah session later.. hehehe


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