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Busy Sunday

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woke up late, my body is still sore.. hoho.. but then immediately had the realization that my wedding is less than a week away, stumble up from the bed and start taking out the clothes and bed from my room and transferred them to the next room.

looks like the bed is gonna be inherited by my sister.. hehe..

beh came a little after 2 where we went out to pick up our respective wedding outfits. then we were off to pick up the extra cards that he managed to order last minute and siap on saturday.. huhu..

then, off we went to the Bridal, where we had our final fitting.. huhu.. everything seems to be in a nice shape. then we went back home just in time to start with the painting.. haha.. everything is so last minute but then its starts to fall into place.. Alhamdullillah..

around 8, dad's siblings starts to arrive at home, along with some of our neighbors for the wedding details and flow of the majlis nanti.. alhamdulillah, everything also is ok..

now that i'm home, i can't describe how i feel.. i just want to get it over with.. :) tdo tdo tdo laaaa

p/s: congratulations to Sobby and Suraya on their wedding :)

♥ ♥ ♥