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I am so stressed right now! Beh suddenly informed me that the Tailor that we were supposed to send out baju tu is maybe a no - no.. something about a bad repo or something! huhu.. mati laa.. dahla only a month or so to go.. ada ka tailor nak amik~~ huhu

my card is gonna be ready by tomorrow! but Mom will only pick them up on Saturday and mailed them to Ka-Ching on Monday! huhu.. taksempat la nak bawak balik qp! huhu.. looks like i am gonna have to wait for another week or so to see them! huhu...

now. its about my weight! if you guys noticed, its been plateaued at 45.3kg for almost a week now! huhu! bila nak turun lagi ni?! huhu... stress! stress! is it the time of the month soon? if its so, maybe that's why my weight has stayed at that number.. huhu..

stress... stress... can't wait to be home :(

♥ ♥ ♥