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of Facials and such

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i've been planning to go back home probably towards the end of this month.. i need to jahit my baju nikah *lambat gila* and really chose my bedroom furniture for my bilik.. hehe..

dan sementelaah saya pulang ke rumah, i am also thinking of having a beauty and facial session at the spa with the FH :p but some of the webbies that i read thru just now wouldn't recommend doing the facials within weeks of the wedding day!

Start these visitations six months prior as well-and don't dare get a facial within ten days of your wedding.


now i am so confused and a bit taken aback :p.. i know both me and Beh needed some 'cleansing' and stripping on our faces.. huhu...

will anyone help me out? :(

anyway, here are guidelines for future bride-to-be's regarding on their Beautification process.. huhu

Treatment Timeline And Guide

6 months (or more) before the wedding day:

Referring specifically to facials - the skin should have been treated for 6 months before to get it ready for the wedding.

3 weeks before

Have a self tan trial (if you are having one) to check the colour and that the therapist is confident in what she is doing.

3 - 4 days before

Get those legs and other areas waxed.

2 - 3 days before

The tan before the wedding can be applied.

Day before

Manicures and pedicures definitely the day before to prevent chipping.

p/s: The real secret to great skin  is Water. Drink tons of H2O before and on your wedding day to make your face look dewy and radiant.

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modusoperandi111209 says
Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 6:35:00 PM GMT+8

aiyo.. sy rase kena wat wax jugak lh kat bhgn betis walopun x pkai skirt time sanding.. baru lh rase seksi dpn husband nanti.. ngehngeh!

princess.dHani says
Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 7:36:00 PM GMT+8

Hahaha! macam lucu lak bile baca kuat2.. haha! but i think you are right! hehehe...

mesti gerun kalau laki tengok pompuan kaki bebulu gila! hahaha!