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Back To reality..

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Just came back from my hometown.. missed it already :( this time, i am all alone coz Bella dah polah cuti dikpun after PMR.. hahaha..

ok, my baju is settled.. so is his.. will be collecting them on the 22Nov.. 1 more months to go. can't wait.. hope its gonna fit me well too! hehehe..

my bedroom set is also settled! got it below our budget actually, so yay! will be delivered on the 23Nov.. will need to paint the room before decorating, though.. hehe

my cards are ready! mom is sending some to me here in qp.. just enough for the staffs here and for the HM.. :) I adore his card! sweeeeeeeettt~~~

what else? Hmm.. I LOV my New Necklace! turns out the surprise was for our 1year Engagement anniversary! thanks, Babe, no wonder I lov you so much! mwah!

hehe.. now that my kids are finished with their finals, i am now busy thinking about their end of year show during PrizeGiving ceremony.. huhu..

oh yeah... i just got the skinnies that i bought via OL.. i actually purchased the wrong size coz i wasn't really thinking at all.. guess what!? I fit into the 26 size! hohoho.. bes2.. and when i met wit a few all friends while outing wit Beh, they commented that i looked skinny! hohoho.. bes bes bes... can't wait to resume my program! chaiyok chaiyok.. only a month to go~~~ lalalala

♥ ♥ ♥