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About two Months :S

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wow! its september already! it feels as it was only yesterday that the school started.. who would have guessed that it will be ending in 2 months! huhu

speaking of, so is my Big Day! No, haven't had any jitters yet, but it does hit me now and then, a couple of times.. especially when i am thinking about Raya or Holidays.. hehe

I know some maybe wonders when will i put up the ticker or something like that, but I think i wanna keep it for myself for the time being. Well at least after my 1st betrothal Anniversary... only a month or so to go, so tunggu~~.. hehe

still have no baju raya! haha... nampak gaya nya readymade je la thn nie.. and so is Beh's.. i think its Gonna be Midnight Blue this year.. or Bubblegum Pink (lagi) hehehe

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