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Last Day Round up

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last day in KL. finishing up the shopping list that MIL gave us. so today we headed straight to Jalan TAR.

  • kains for Beh's family - checked
  • kains for extended family - checked
  • bunga telur - checked
  • bunga zikir - checked
  • door gift - checked
  • studs, kerongsang and such - checked

as we still had a few hours to waste, dedided to crash the Sogo sale.. banyak gile orang~~ Bought some work attire for Beh. Smalto lagi! haha.. if it weren't for the Megasales, i bet we wouldn't be buying that much clothes! hehe..

went back to Precint 9G around 4, only to be leaving to KLIA around 6.. we were on the last flight out to KaChing and we had fun cruising in KLIA before boarding. All and all, had fun travelling with Beh.. can't wait for the moment where we'll be traveling together as Hubbs and Wifey *blush*
♥ ♥ ♥