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will be heading back to QP later in the evening today :( but before that, went for a follow up with Photog *with Beh* and Bridal *with Mom and Dad*

Now, i am happy to confirm that our theme has been chosen and is approved by our parents respectively. so is the sanding and bertandang dress. today's meeting was for deposit, pelamin and gown choosing for my side.. heh heh..

got pictures for all my choices but my bluetooth dongle isn't cooperating. will try to upload them later.. huhu..

it turns out that i wouldn't have to buy a new shoes for my bertandang, coz I will be using my Hantaran shoe instead! yay! but if i do plan on buying one, i think a silver or white pair will do~~ hehe

Note to Bride to Be's : do remember to bring a pair of heels when trying on your dress. this will help your mak andam to see the length of the dress later!

we just found out that my pelamin MUST have candles lit! something about traditions of my Dad's side.. huhu.. okay la tu.. and Dad isn't approving of painting henna on my hands. so plain henna on the fingers then, which is fine for me.. hehe

after the sessions, went to Satok for a last minute sungke shopping and then head home for Berbuka. So mom, dad, lil Sis, sis Sue and Family and last but not least Beh is home today for berbuka :) I wish Sis Aya and sis Alin is around too :(

i should stop now.. need to finish packing :(.. nasib baik la only 3 weeks of school before raya! huhu

p/s: i think i lost a bit more weight *heh* coz i looked kinda small in the dresses. didn't have my digi scale here at home. so will be weighing my self when i reached qp tomorrow~!

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